Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Why hire an internal IT person, when you can have an entire team of IT experts for a fraction of the cost?

Disaster Recovery as a Service(DRaaS)

DRAAS offers organisations a comprehensive and cost-effective Disaster Recovery solution, ensuring business continuity and high availability. It enables compliance with regulatory requirements, providing a holistic approach to disaster recovery that meets industry standards while optimising costs.

Organisations who have invested in Standard Edition of Oracle and MSSQL databases may miss on automatic Data Replication technique which is available as a feature in Enterprise Edition of these Databases. Litmus offers a DB Replication tool which matches the functionality of what is offered by Oracle Enterprise Edition at a very nominal cost.

This involves a study of the following:

Assess critical applications to be available at DR and their flow:

Identify key business applications and analyze their interdependencies.

Define Recovery Time Objective (RTO):

Establish and achieve desired recovery timeframe for systems.

Set Recovery Point Objective (RPO):

Determine and achieve acceptable data loss based on business criticality.

Study Recovery Change Objective (RCO) and Dynamic Data:

Analyze changes and dynamic data required during the recovery process.

Integrated Disaster Recovery: Uninterrupted Business Operations

If the organization hasn’t invested in an alternate Disaster Recovery Datacenter, we offer setting up a Cloud based Disaster Recovery Centre (at AWS). Litmus will also assist in conducting regular DR drills to establish the smooth functioning of the DR process.

Resilient Business Solutions with AWS IAAS

Experience hassle-free infrastructure, flexible databases, improved uptime, cost effective and robust disaster recovery with our comprehensive IT solutions. Leverage AWS IAAS, ensure compatibility, enhance reliability, and safeguard your operations against disruptions.

Hassle-Free Infrastructure:

Leverage AWS IAAS for cost-effective, on-demand hardware setup and control.

Database Flexibility:

Use any edition for compatibility and adaptability.

Improved Uptime:

Benefit from AWS availability zones for enhanced reliability.

Robust Disaster Recovery:

Safeguard your business with LitmusIT's DRAAS for fortified data protection and peace of mind.

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