Cloud Services

Cloud potential is limited only by your imagination - Open up and fly high with Litmus IT’s Cloud Services.

Effortless Cloud Journey with Litmus IT

Cloud services are fast evolving from Public to Private to Hybrid to Multi-Cloud with Serverless Computing. Litmus IT helps you choose the right Cloud infrastructure and services for your business.


Planning and designing Cloud Infrastructure including Multi-Cloud

Designing Service Workloads

Service automation with minimum human intervention


Monitoring and orchestration of Cloud

Cloud ExpertWatch Services


Appropriate workload deployment tailored to your application needs

Public and Private cloud distributed across multiple providers


Safeguard cloud resources and data with integrity

Adhering to International Regulatory Compliances

Strengthening Cloud Security

Regularly assessing and updating security measures is crucial for addressing emerging threats in cloud environments. Litmus IT offers services compliant with international regulatory compliances including PCIDSS, HIPPA, GDPR etc to secure the cloud platform.

Comprehensive End to End Cloud Services

With Litmus Cloud Services, you can:

Streamline Infrastructure Provisioning:

Automate resource deployment, eliminating manual processes for faster time to market.

Enhance Scalability and Auto-Scaling:

Automate resource scaling based on demand, ensuring seamless scalability.

Cloud Migration

- From On-premise to various cloud platforms
- From Cloud to Cloud migration
- Mailbox migration

Management Services

- Intune
- Mailflow management
- License management
- Microsoft 365 Copilot management
- Collabration management - Sharepoint

Continuous Integration and Deployment:

Automate software development and release processes, reducing errors and accelerating time to market.

Backup and Disaster Recovery:

Safeguard data with automated backup and recovery solutions for resilience and availability.

Monitor and Alert:

Proactively monitor the cloud environment, receive real-time notifications for immediate action.

Strengthen Security and Compliance:

Automate security and compliance measures to mitigate risks.

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